Motorcycle Insurance in Minnesota

Protect Your Motorcycle With Anchor Insurance Agency

Whether you’re a weekend rider or use your motorcycle as your main mode of transportation, you deserve high-quality protection. Motorcycle accidents are costly and can be detrimental to your wallet without insurance coverage.

Anchor Insurance Agency offers high-quality and customized motorcycle insurance to individuals and families throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arizona, Florida, Nevada and Colorado. Allow us to help protect you and your motorcycle as you enjoy the open road.

Delivering Year-Round Protection for Your Motorcycle

While some motorcyclists drive their motorcycles regardless of the season, others store them away in winter. No matter how you drive, we have insurance policies to help you protect your motorcycle year-round.

While in storage, theft and fire are still risks that could affect your motorcycle. And while on the road, accidents pose a serious threat. It’s best to be protected at all times.

Types of Insurance Policies

Anchor Insurance Agency is an independent agency. This means we have access to a wide range of insurance carriers, so we can choose the best coverage for your needs. Some of the motorcycle insurance policies we offer include:

  • Liability coverage
  • Collision coverage
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage
  • Equipment coverage for motorcycle upgrades

We’re proud to be able to insure any kind of motorcycle, from your brand new Harley Davidson to your vintage Indian or super fast Honda. Whatever matters most to you, matters most to us.

Protect Yourself While Enjoying Your Motorcycle Too

In Minnesota, motorcyclists are required to hold certain insurance policies to protect themselves and others while on the road. All motorcyclists must have liability insurance and must carry proof of insurance any time they’re on their bikes.

Liability coverage helps protect you from legal fees in the event of an accident. Additional coverage such as collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, under and uninsured motorist coverage and medical payment coverage should be considered to protect yourself and your motorcycle.

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Anchor Insurance Agency delivers customized insurance policies, so you can protect what matters most to you. If you have a motorcycle, moped, street bike or something else, we can help you insure it. Get your free quote today or call us with your questions at 763-473-4090.

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