My Roof Caved In With Snow!

Winter in Plymouth, MN brings with it a lot of things that people enjoy and some aspects that they don’t. Clearly, there are the beautiful sights and holidays. On the other hand, there is the cold, wet conditions, and slippery ice. For the most part, people inside a home don’t worry too much as long as the heating system is working properly and things are dry inside. However, snow can be a big risk to a home, even when everyone is inside and snow in itself is relatively light and small, according to Anchor Insurance Agency LLP.

Depending on the angle of one’s home roof or that of a detached garage, snow can build up very fast on top. A thin layer of snow is no issue, but when that same snow begins to get to be a foot to 3 feet thick, it’s now aggregating a serious amount of frozen water weight. And that creates a downward pressure with gravity that can sometimes break or cave-in older roofs. There is frequently very little warning when this happens; the roof just suddenly breaks and caves in due to the heavy weight. And then all that snow turns to water inside the home or garage due to the warmer temperature inside – a double whammy of damage.

Plymouth, MN homeowners insurance policies are generally designed to address sudden and unforeseen home damage. An unexpected cave-in with snow can likely be eligible for repair coverage, depending on the terms of a given policy. However, even though protection may be possible, prevention is still far cheaper. There are a number of systems that help melt snow on a roof before it gets too heavy, causing expensive damage. To find out more, call Anchor Insurance Agency LLP for questions about snow cave-in coverage and prevention.