When Should You File a Boat Insurance Claim?

Boating is one of the major outdoor activities in Plymouth, MN. Consequently, owning a boat in the area for personal use or commercial purposes is a worthwhile investment. As a smart boat owner, you have probably protected your craft from some of the risks that may cause loss to it by taking a boat insurance policy.

The question that several others in your category are wondering about is when to make a claim. Should you file a claim each time it gets scratched, or wait until it is completely wrecked? We at Anchor Insurance Agency LLP, provide an answer to this question.

Check the policy

The suitable time to file for a boat insurance claim varies from one coverage to another. Often, it is easy to make some decisions. For example, when the boat is involved in an accident, capsizes or burns. The other is when a passenger falls off the boat or gets injured. However, what do you do when the watercraft is destroyed in transit, or the engine fails?

Ensure that your policy covers some of the not-so-obvious risks. When they are included, file a claim. Otherwise, foot the bill. Consequently, it is important to have a cover that protects your finances in the event of damages or loss to your watercraft or yacht. A boat insurance policy shifts the responsibility of the wellbeing of your boat to the insurer.

Contact your insurer immediately

It is essential to contact your insurer as soon as the insured risk occurs. Provide the evidence and if possible a statement from the police. If, for example, you are injured and cannot file the claim immediately, do so as soon as possible.

Is your current boat insurance policy sufficient to ensure the peace of mind you need when surfing the waters of Plymouth, MN? Contact Anchor Insurance Agency LLP for additional information.