4 Add-ons to Consider for Motorcycle Insurance

If you are an adrenaline junkie, riding a bike in Plymouth, MN could be one of the best ways to satisfy your thirst. However, accidents can happen when enjoying your bike. And for this reason, you must invest in motorcycle insurance to come to your rescue when bad things happen. While you always expect your motorcycle insurance to help you out, sometimes, it’s never the case since your bike insurance has exclusions and limitations. However, there are specific "add-ons" or "riders" you can consider to boost your motorcycle insurance. Let’s look at some courtesy of Anchor Insurance Agency LLP.

Zero depreciation

If your bike is stolen or totaled in an accident, you would like a replacement equivalent to your current bike. However, typical motorcycle insurance will compensate your bike after deducting the depreciation factor. This means you have to cover the difference from your pocket if you want another bike. But the good news is that you can cushion yourself against depreciation by investing in zero depreciation coverage.

Umbrella insurance

Do you own a bike, and you are a high-net-worth individual? You might need umbrella insurance to protect you when sued. Umbrella insurance takes over from where your conventional liability coverage leaves off, protecting your assets and earnings.

Roadside assistance

Your bike is excellent, but it isn’t faultless. Your bike can have a breakdown many miles away from your residence. The reasons for the breakdown are many, including a dead battery, running out of gas, tire puncture, electrical mishaps, etc. Whatever the reason, we can always come to your rescue when you have roadside assistance.

Engine protect

This policy pays for the replacement or repair of your engine after it’s damaged through waterlogging, oil leak, or any other factor listed in your policy.

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Still not sure which "add-on" is suitable for your case? Don’t worry. Anchor Insurance Agency LLP will help you every step of the way as you shop for motorcycle insurance.