Does Health Insurance Pay for Auto Accident Injuries?

According to a recent study, 2,652 car accidents in Centralia IL result in injuries.   The aftermath can be filled with details and a lot of things to sort out.  Knowing what policy will pay for injuries is one thing that you might have to figure out.  Alcorn Insurance Agency knows that the answers may not always be clear so they want to help you sort through the details if this is your reality.

Who Pays?

Like other states, Illinois uses the “at fault” rule when it comes to auto injuries.  This means that the party at fault will pay for any injuries that other drivers who have involved a deal with. Injuries from parties not at fault are usually covered under a person’s liability insurance.  If the at-fault party is injured their Personal Injury Protection will cover it if that is included in the policy.  Injuries incurred in single car collisions may also be paid under a person’s PIP.  

What Policy Pays?

Typically, a person’s auto insurance will act as the primary insurance policy when dealing with auto injuries.  Personal Injury Protection will usually cover most if not all medical expenses depending on the amount the plan covers for.  If PIP is exhausted, the claim would theoretically go to the secondary insurance.  In this case, your health policy will act as the secondary.  This may not be true in every case so it is always the best practice to read the fine print of your policies.  Many times, an insurance company will not pay until the claim is settled, but there are other options to deal with outstanding bills.

When people in Centralia, IL are involved in auto accidents they have a lot on their plate so if they still have questions they can always call or email Alcorn Insurance agency.


The Coverage of a Typical Comprehensive Auto Policy

When you begin searching for auto insurance, you’ll find that there are many options for today’s drivers.  Most will opt for a coverage package that includes three distinct but complementary pieces.  Now that almost every state requires liability coverage, consumers have come to understand that these policies only cover the other person’s damages and injuries if there is a wreck where they are deemed to be at fault.  In the same vein, collision policies seem pretty straightforward.  If your car is damaged in a wreck, you can quickly pay to have it repaired. So, what does a comprehensive auto policy actually cover and how does it differ from a collision policy? The team at Anchor Insurance Agency LLP work with residents in the Plymouth, MN area to understand the industry lingo and get the best coverage for their needs.

To put it simply, collision policies typically cover events where there is a crash, either between two cars or into stationary objects such as light poles or ditches. Comprehensive auto policies cover events that are considered an ‘act of God’. These incidents can range from natural disasters and civil unrest to vandalism and theft.  They will also cover damage from terrorism, falling objects, and collision with animals. 

These policies cover a wide range of events that can occur with a vehicle. The team at Anchor Insurance Agency LLP want you to have the right insurance policies the meet the needs of your lifestyle. They work with residents and businesses throughout the Plymouth, MN region. They can help you, too. Visit their website then schedule an appointment with one of their knowledgeable agents.  With the right insurance coverage, you’ll always know that you are fully protected should an accident or unthinkable event happen. Call today!

Driving Without Auto Insurance Is Dangerous Indeed

Minnesotans are pretty smart indeed, however, even some of the residents of this great state fail to follow all the rules. Yes, some of the drivers in Plymouth MN and the surrounding areas get on the road without their automobile insurance at times. Here are some of the reasons people take the risk of driving without insurance: 

  • a need to get to work
  • not enough funds to acquire insurance
  • legal issues that would prevent the acquisition of insurance
  • a need to get to another important entity, such as medical treatment

No matter what the reason you have been driving around without car insurance, make this the day that you stop. The need for car insurance has not been mandated as a punitive gesture toward drivers and their carefree lifestyle.

The most urgent need for car insurance in a civil society is because people are involved in car accidents every day. These calamities are not foreseen. They just happen. When people who are involved in car accidents cannot go to work, they need to be financially supported:

  • Cars need to be replaced
  • Limbs need to be reconstructed
  • Lives need to be sustained

All of the above takes money to accomplish. If it were not for car insurance that money would have to be supplied from the government – the taxpayers – you. Is it your fault that a driver was distracted and collided with another vehicle when you were home resting peacefully in your bed? Of course, it isn’t your fault. So why should you have to pay for the accident?

The staffers and agents at Anchor Insurance Agency LLP provide the anchor of insurance to hold you in your place despite what may happen on the road. Call today to find out how to acquire great automobile insurance today at 763-473-4090. 


Should You Add Your Teen Driver to Your Policy Before or After They Get Their License

For those that have teen drivers, it is difficult to know if you should add them to your policy before or after they get their license. There is no simple answer to the question however, and it should be taken on a case by case basis. Drivers that live in or near Plymouth, MN can talk with agents from Anchor Insurance Agency LLP for more information.

Taking this question in a case by case method is the best approach. For some states, it might be required that you insure your teen driver when they only have permits, in other areas, it might not be required. A good rule of thumb is to consider how much your permit driver will be behind the wheel before getting their license. In some states, graduated licensing laws require that the permit holder logs a specific amount of hours before their being given the license.

In these cases, it might be beneficial to add a permit driver to your policy. Unless your permit driver is going to add hundreds of dollars in premiums each month, it is generally going to be a good idea to add them to your policy. Another factor to keep in mind is that in most cases, you are not going to be able to get your license unless you can prove you are insured so you may want to add your driver before getting their license.

For those that are over 21 and are insured, your permit driver is likely to be covered, even if they are not named if they are driving with you in the car and you are insured. If you are in the Plymouth, MN area, the agents with Anchor Insurance Agency LLP can help.