New to Motorcycle Riding? What Insurance Coverage is Best for You?

Congratulations on becoming a part of Minnesota’s lively community of over 200,000 motorcyclists! Now that you have your motorcycle license in hand, the next essential step is securing stellar insurance coverage. At Anchor Insurance Agency LLP, we simplify this process and help new riders in Plymouth, MN get the protection they need.

Understanding Minnesota’s Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

In Minnesota, liability insurance isn’t optional for motorcyclists; it’s mandatory. This crucial coverage protects the financial interests of others should you cause an accident. The state mandates minimum coverage amounts of $30,000 for injuries or death of one person, $60,000 for injuries or death of multiple persons, and $10,000 for property damage. As new riders are statistically more likely to be involved in accident situations, we recommend considering coverage beyond the minimum required limits.

Exploring Optional Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

  • Collision Insurance: Who will bear the cost of your motorcycle repairs following a collision? This coverage handles it.
  • Comprehensive Insurance: This coverage helps you prepare for the unexpected, such as severe weather conditions, arson, vandalism, or theft.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: This addition provides financial support if you’re in an accident with a motorist with inadequate or no insurance coverage.

With ample coverage that caters to your unique needs, you can navigate Minnesota’s roadways with enhanced peace of mind.

How to Get Motorcycle Insurance in Plymouth, MN

To secure quality motorcycle insurance competitively, turn to Anchor Insurance Agency LLP in Plymouth, MN. Our experienced team is ready to guide you towards the ideal coverage options. Contact us today and embark on your motorcycling journey with confidence.