The Coverage of a Typical Comprehensive Auto Policy

When you begin searching for auto insurance, you’ll find that there are many options for today’s drivers.  Most will opt for a coverage package that includes three distinct but complementary pieces.  Now that almost every state requires liability coverage, consumers have come to understand that these policies only cover the other person’s damages and injuries if there is a wreck where they are deemed to be at fault.  In the same vein, collision policies seem pretty straightforward.  If your car is damaged in a wreck, you can quickly pay to have it repaired. So, what does a comprehensive auto policy actually cover and how does it differ from a collision policy? The team at Anchor Insurance Agency LLP work with residents in the Plymouth, MN area to understand the industry lingo and get the best coverage for their needs.

To put it simply, collision policies typically cover events where there is a crash, either between two cars or into stationary objects such as light poles or ditches. Comprehensive auto policies cover events that are considered an ‘act of God’. These incidents can range from natural disasters and civil unrest to vandalism and theft.  They will also cover damage from terrorism, falling objects, and collision with animals. 

These policies cover a wide range of events that can occur with a vehicle. The team at Anchor Insurance Agency LLP want you to have the right insurance policies the meet the needs of your lifestyle. They work with residents and businesses throughout the Plymouth, MN region. They can help you, too. Visit their website then schedule an appointment with one of their knowledgeable agents.  With the right insurance coverage, you’ll always know that you are fully protected should an accident or unthinkable event happen. Call today!