Enjoy your boat without fear of the unknown

Life at sea can be very risky. You need to protect your boat, yourself and other people in your boat. Whether you use it for commercial purpose or leisure, it’s important that you consider the possibility that your boat can sink or get destroyed any time. It’s, for this reason, we offer you this boat cover.

Anchor Insurance Agency deals with insurance of various kinds among them being boat insurance. We help you discover how open your boat is exposed to endless dangers and how you can protect it from any risks.

Liability coverage for boats

Even while at sea, you may cause damage to other people’s property or injury to others. If the court finds you liable, you will be required to pay for all the damage. Boat liability coverage is aimed at covering such liabilities caused by accidents leading to injuries and damage to properties.

Collision coverage for boats

This particular cover aims at covering damage to your boat and other covered parts of the boat in the event of a collision with another boat or object.

Physical coverage

As explained above, while at sea there are so many dangers as well as risks. But that does not mean you have to ride your boat with fear. Anchor Insurance Agency offers you a policy that protects your boat against risks such as fire, storms, sinking and theft among more. However, make sure you ask your insurer which kind of property is covered since in many cases, a trailer is never included.

Medical payments

Medical payments coverage helps take care of medical bills in case you or any other person in your boat gets injured.

If you want to enjoy your boat without any fears, please feel free to contact us for more information.