What coverage does commercial insurance offer a small business

Small business owners in Plymouth, MN face the same challenges as small business owners across the country. Having the correct commercial insurance can not only keep your business in compliance with state regulations it can help you to stay successful in the face of some of the bad things that can happen. Anchor Insurance Agency LLP has the answers about coverage that you are looking for and they are always happy to discuss them with you. 

Worker’s Compensation

Minnesota law requires all businesses to carry worker’s compensation insurance or to be self-insured.  This protects both the employee and the employer

Employment practices liability insurance

Any employer who has employees no matter how small is at risk of having a claim filed against them for wrongful termination or harassment. Your commercial insurance policy offers the option of this coverage. It can cover your legal expenses no matter whether you are found innocent or guilty. 

General liability

General Liability coverage protects you from the results of a customer who is injured on your premises or by your products.

Building coverage

If you own the building where you are doing business, you need to have coverage that will help you to repair the building if it is damaged by things like lightning, wind, fire, theft or vandalism. You will want to be back to business as usual as soon as possible. 

Business interruption

When something happens that stops your ability to do business you need to have a way to continue to meet payroll and keep the bills paid. This insurance makes all the difference. 

Commercial insurance can protect your small business from a variety of unpleasant events. If you live in or near Plymouth, MN, give Anchor Insurance Agency LLP a call or stop by their office for a no-obligation quote. They can help you to choose the right coverage for your particular small business.