5 Facts about Plymouth, MN boat insurance policies

To explore the "Land of 10,000 Lakes" properly, you’ll need a boat. But, in Minnesota, you should have boat insurance too.

Before you head for open waters, make sure you’re protected. Serving Plymouth MN, Anchor Insurance Agency LLP understands that waterways are much more enjoyable when you have the peace of mind that only boat insurance can provide.

To stress this importance, Anchor Insurance Agency LLP lists five facts about boat insurance.

Boat insurance covers any watercraft.

As the name implies, boat insurance is designed to protect any motorized watercraft from damage or loss. To achieve this, most policies include collision and comprehensive coverage.

But the benefits don’t stop there.

Boat insurance covers so much more. These policies shield you, your guests, and other boaters. Bodily injury and property damage liability is the primary way that boat insurance secures you and your assets.

Boat insurance isn’t required in Minnesota.

While it’s not mandated, boat insurance is still encouraged. The security and peace of mind these policies provide far outweigh the risk of going without it.

Home insurance isn’t enough coverage.

Some homeowner’s policies will also extend to your boat. However, this offers only limited protection. Only a dedicated boat insurance policy can provide full coverage.

Keep boat insurance all year.

Don’t let your policy lapse during the off-season. Although canceling your boat insurance over the winter can seem like an easy way to save money, problems could still arise. Accidents can still happen even in storage. Vandalism, theft, and other natural disasters could cost even more in the long run.

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