Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Custom Parts?

After purchasing a motorcycle, you may equip the motorcycle with custom parts. This includes items like custom valve and stem covers, upgraded tires and rims and saddle bags or travel compartments. When you purchase motorcycle insurance, you may think that these items are covered, but are they really? Here at Anchor Insurance Agency LLP, serving the greater Plymouth, MN area, we would like to educate you the truth regarding motorcycle insurance and custom parts. 

Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Custom Parts?

Motorcycle insurance does not cover custom parts. Most motorcycle insurance policies cover the parts that the motorcycle was manufactured with originally and that is all. They do not cover custom paint jobs, custom parts or add-on parts that you have added on your own to increase the value of the motorcycle or change its appearance.

Is There Any way to Cover Custom Insurance Parts? 

If you are looking to cover custom insurance parts, you will need to either find a policy that allows you to include these custom parts or purchase a supplemental motorcycle insurance policy specifically for the custom parts. If you purchase a supplemental policy, it is important that you list each and every part on your bike that is custom or not original to the bike. It is also important that this information is updated as you change your bike. This helps to ensure you are properly compensated in the event you have to file a claim with your motorcycle insurance company. 

If you are looking to insure a motorcycle in the greater Plymouth, MN area, contact Anchor Insurance Agency LLP. We can help you find the right insurance coverage to cover all parts of your motorcycle, including your custom parts.