What You Might Do Wrong With Boat Insurance

Anchor Insurance Agency LLP provides many types of insurance for Plymouth, MN, residents, including boat protection. Getting the most effective policy requires some work and avoiding common mistakes that might make your coverage less comprehensive.

Ignoring Consequential Damage 

Consequential damage can significantly impact your boat and cause it to run poorly or fail to run at all. As a result, it’s important to make sure that your coverage protects it. Your agent can help you understand your protection and streamline your insurance.

Missing Out on Salvage Protection

What happens if your boat ends up in a challenging situation and you can’t get it out yourself? For example, who pays the bill if you run aground and need a salvage team? If you don’t get salvage protection on your policy, you will – so make sure you know what you’re getting.

Not Paying for Fuel-Spill Liability 

Now, fuel-spill problems caused by your lack of attention or inappropriate behaviors will never be covered by insurance. However, if you add this protection to your policy, any fuel-spill cleanup caused by an accident (such as a boat crash) can be covered.

Struggling With Liability Coverage 

The most common type of boat insurance claim is liability, yet many boat owners often lack liability coverage. Make sure you have strong enough liability coverage by working with your agent and figuring out what limits you need for your boat protection.

We’re Here for You

Anchor Insurance Agency LLP is available to provide Plymouth, MN, boat owners with the policies they need to get great results. No matter your needs, our crew is here, and we’re more than capable of helping you. Call us today to learn more about our protection.