3 Critical Things to Know When Buying Umbrella Insurance for the First Time

3 Critical Things to Know When Buying Umbrella Insurance for the First Time

We buy insurance policies to protect our properties and our loved ones. Today, there exist policies that help protect us and everything about us, like umbrella insurance. Insurance experts in Plymouth, MN, continuously urge people to consider buying additional covers to protect themselves from financial strains when lawsuits get too nasty. If this policy is still new to you, Anchor Insurance Agency LLP will help you understand it better.

Umbrella insurance cannot be used independently

Do you know why umbrella insurance is referred to as ‘excess liability’ or ‘extra liability’ coverage? Well, you will not be able to use your policy if you do not have basic policies like auto, home, boat, or motorcycle insurance. Umbrella insurance is designed to be used only when the standard policy has been depleted. For instance, if you caused a road accident that caused fatal injuries and property damage, your auto insurance will be used to cover the damages up to the agreed limit, and umbrella insurance takes over and pays what is left.

Umbrella insurance does not cover intentional or malicious acts

While umbrella insurance is a personal policy, it doesn’t cover international acts. For instance, if you intentionally insulted someone or damaged their property intentionally, the coverage does not cover the lawsuits or damage related to those acts. The policy cover things like invasion of policy, wrongful eviction, libel, slander or defamation, false arrest, detention or imprisonment, and other vices.

The policy protects what matters to you most

Umbrella insurance is all about you—the policy owner. The policy covers all aspects of your job, hobbies, driving, pets, family members, and home, all at a relatively low cost. Some people think the policy is expensive because it covers many things, but that’s not true. Umbrella insurance is, in fact, one of the most affordable policies in Plymouth, MN.

Keep things wrapped up around your finger with adequate umbrella insurance from Anchor Insurance Agency LLP. Our insurance experts are always ready to help you protect your property and loved ones. Call us and get your customized policy today.