Is Boat Insurance Required In Minnesota?

Acquiring boat insurance in Minnesota can be a prudent move to keep you relaxed when on the water. While boat insurance in Minnesota is not legally required by law, you need it to protect you, your boat, and your passengers when the unexpected occurs.

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Boat insurance coverage options in Minnesota

Whether you have a fishing boat, sailing boat, or Jet Ski, boating accidents and other risks can strike cause damage to you or your boat. In light of this, you need to cushion yourself with the below boat insurance coverages:

    • Comprehensive and collision coverages: These coverages protect your boat from both collision and non-collision risks, such as theft, vandalism, fire, hail, falling objects, and many others. 
    • Uninsured boater coverage: Since boat insurance isn’t mandatory in Minnesota, many boaters go without this insurance, putting you at risk. Thankfully, you can purchase uninsured boater coverage to cover you against property damage and bodily injury if you collide with a boater with zero boat insurance. 
    • Liability coverage: It caters to expenses incurred after causing property damage or bodily injury to other people.
    • Medical payments coverage: It pays for resulting expenses such as hospital bills and medication if you or your passengers get injured while on your boat.
    • Specialized coverage: This policy protects a specified item in your boat, such as navigation equipment or an expensive prop.
    • Salvage coverage: Pays to remove your boat from the water after an accident.

Knowing that your watercraft is safeguarded with boat insurance while cruising in water gives you peace of mind. If you are looking for boat insurance in Plymouth, MN, don’t look beyond Anchor Insurance Agency LLP. Contact us today, and our professional team will safeguard you together with your boat.