5 Ways to Improve Safety in Your Business Environment

When you own a business, employee and customer safety should be a priority. A safe business environment reduces the risk of liability and worker’s comp claims, which can help save you money on your commercial insurance costs. If you’re looking for ways to raise the level of health and safety in your business site, these tips from Anchor Insurance Agency LLP can help you get started.

Inspect Your Environment Regularly  

Inspect your business environment often to pinpoint hazards that pose a risk to employee or customer safety. These hazards may range from exposed wires to trip hazards, slippery floors, poor ventilation, the danger of falling objects, etc. Once these risks are identified, make sure they’re taken care of promptly to prevent accidents.

Train Employees

Train your workforce to perform their duties diligently and safely. This may include classroom, computer-based, or on the job training, depending on your employees’ job and responsibilities. This is especially important if your employees have to operate dangerous equipment or industrial machines.


Communicate often with your workforce about changes to your health or safety policies. Make sure everyone is on board with your company’s standard of safety so they can help you maintain a safe work environment. Encourage your workers to make suggestions on how to improve workplace safety within their individual departments.

Investigate Accidents

Investigate all accidents at your Plymouth, MN business site, even if there were no injuries. This gives you a chance to uncover risks you weren’t aware of to avoid similar incidents that could have severe consequences in the future. 

Get Commercial Liability and Worker’s Comp Insurance

Insure your business against customer and employee accidents by purchasing general liability and worker’s comp coverage. For more information about commercial insurance for your Plymouth, MN enterprise, contact Anchor Insurance Agency LLP.

Three common misconceptions people have about home insurance

It’s important to be well informed if you want to choose the best home insurance option for your situation. Unfortunately, some homeowners have misconceptions about home insurance that could hurt them down the road.

At Anchor Insurance Agency LLP, we provide home insurance in Plymouth, MN. The following are three common misconceptions people should be aware of when it comes to home insurance.

Every belonging within the home of the policyholder is covered.

There are coverage limits on a home insurance policy that you need to be aware of. Home insurance will only provide coverage up to these limits. You can’t assume that home insurance will cover all expenses when it comes to lost or damaged possessions.

Home insurance coverage is especially likely to be inadequate to cover possessions within a home for a homeowner who keeps particularly valuable items like collector’s items in their home. If you have high value items in your home, you may want to invest in added coverage. 

Coverage for flood damage is included in a standard home insurance policy.

This is one of the most common misconceptions that can really cost you. You should know that home insurance policy doesn’t automatically include flood coverage. You have to invest in a flood insurance policy to enjoy insurance coverage for flood damage. 

Filing a claim means that your premium will go up.

You shouldn’t hesitate to file a claim when you are eligible to do so. Your premium may not be affected at all by a claim. Your premium shouldn’t go up unless you’ve filed multiple claims in a relatively short period of time. 

You have home insurance so that you can use it. This means that you should file a claim when you are eligible to do so.

If you know that these are misconceptions rather than facts, you’ll be better able to find the right home insurance for your Plymouth, MN home. Contact us at Anchor Insurance Agency LLP to learn more. 

Is auto insurance always necessary in Minnesota?

Anyone that is in the Plymouth, MN area would likely benefit greatly from owning a car. When you do own a car in this area of the state, it will make it much easier for you to get around town and complete your daily tasks. When you are looking to purchase a car, you also need to get a quality auto insurance policy. There are several reasons why having auto insurance in Minnesota is always necessary.

Required by State Law

One reason why auto insurance is a requirement in Minnesota is that it is required by state law. Whenever you drive a car, there is always a small chance that you could cause an accident. When this happens, it will be up to you to pay for damages. In the state of Minnesota, drivers are required to carry auto insurance as it will ensure they are able to pay for these damages. Those without insurance will face penalization.

Required by Auto Lenders

Another reason to get auto insurance in Minnesota is that it will be required by any auto loan provider. Most people that purchase a car in the Plymouth, MN area will take out a loan to finance the purchase. To ensure that you are able to repay the loan following an accident, most auto lenders will require that you have a full auto insurance policy at all times.

Ultimately, getting auto insurance is a good idea for anyone and is almost always a necessity for drivers in Minnesota. When you are looking for a new policy, you should call the team at Anchor Insurance Agency LLP. The insurance team at Anchor Insurance Agency LLP can help you to find an auto insurance policy that will provide you with the right type and level of coverage. 

When Should You Update Your Condo Insurance?

When you get condo insurance in Plymouth, MN, it can be easy to forget about it, especially if you don’t need it. However, there are certain times you need to update your policy so you can make sure your coverage is accurate. An agent at Anchor Insurance Agency LLP can make sure your coverage is up to date. 

Condo Renovations: No matter where your renovations take place, you can usually count on spending a lot of money. This means you have even more reason to protect your investment from a disaster. It’s best to make changes to your insurance before you start renovations since things can go wrong during construction, as well as after it.  

Additions to Personal Property: If you add some items to your condos, such as new furniture or electronics, then you want to make sure your contents coverage covers all your belongings. You may need additional insurance for more expensive items. If you are putting your items in storage while you do renovations then you need to make sure that they will still be covered. 

Extra Liability Coverage: If you are having renovations done then you want to make sure that you have extra liability coverage since renovations can require help that leads to injuries. You also want to get extra liability coverage if you make other personal changes, such as getting a dog or having children. Both children and pets can increase your risk of getting sued and you need enough coverage to protect your assets. 

Even if you haven’t made any renovations or added a new property, it’s still a good idea to review your coverage every year in Plymouth, MN when you get a renewal. Don’t just renew without considering your options.

Contact an agent Anchor Insurance Agency LLP to get a quote on condo insurance. 

Benefits of Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is a valuable tool.  Many believe that because their apartment owner has insurance on the building, renters insurance is unnecessary.  That’s not true.  The apartment owner insures the building but not it’s contents.  So if a disaster occurs that damages the building, none of your furniture, electronics, or personal items will be covered by the building’s policy. Preventing a financial disaster after the disaster is where renters insurance helps. At Anchor Insurance Agency LLP, our agents work with renters throughout the Plymouth, MN area. They can help you understand your policy options and get the right coverage.   

Renters insurance is very affordable.  For a low cost, everything you have in your apartment will be protected.   Beyond damages from a fire or severe weather, renters insurance has additional benefits.  It covers your items from theft or vandalism.  If your laptop is stolen while at the neighborhood coffee shop, it’s covered.  Also, it covers items harmed by incidents such as electrical damage or broken pipes.  It will not cover any items damaged due to neglect or flooding.  When considering coverage, a comprehensive inventory of your personal possessions needs to be done.  It takes a little effort but the investment is worth it. 

You may not have considered renters insurance before but it provides many benefits.  Our team at Anchor Insurance Agency LLP works with renters throughout the Plymouth, MN area.  We work hard to get you the best coverage for an affordable rate.  To get started, peruse the information on our website.  Then contact us for more information.  Our agents can answer any questions you may have and recommend several coverage options.  It’s always a good idea to protect the things that mean a lot to you.  Call today to speak with us!

Before You Ride: Motorcycle Insurance on the Open Road

Motorcycles can provide a beautiful experience of freedom and exhilaration. Feeling the rumble of the engine, the rhythm of the tires, and the wind rushing towards you provides the ultimate serene getaway. 

Many new motorcycle owners can’t wait to get their first taste of the winding freeways and scenic state roads. But before you begin your adventure, be sure to pick up motorcycle insurance from a trusted, community provider such as Anchor Insurance Agency LLP.

Plymouth, MN residents know that winters can bring brutal cold, and so they want to take advantage of sunny spring days and crisp fall afternoons. But before taking your new motorcycle out on the road, it’s important to connect with an insurance agent who can provide motorcycle insurance to keep you protected.

Your pristine new bike might be your favorite new toy, but unfortunately, accidents can happen. That’s why it is important to reach out to Anchor Insurance Agency LLP before you ever take a ride with your new motorcycle. 

It is so easy to learn about the insurance you need to stay protected. Simply navigate to Anchor Insurance Agency’s web page and request a quote. You will soon be contacted by an agent who is invested in your safety and wants to make sure your insurance needs are met. 

New motorcycle owners may not realize that it is important to maintain insurance on your bike during the months of storage in a garage or shed. That’s because damage can occur even when the vehicle is not being ridden. Contact your Plymouth, MN insurance agent to make sure you understand the different types of motorcycle insurance and the positive impact this insurance will have upon the life of your bike.

Reach out today to connect with an agent and receive a quote before you take your bike out on the road. You’ll be glad you did!

Do I still need boat insurance even if I have home insurance?

Known as the land of many lakes, Minnesota is home to many boaters. While having boat insurance is not a legal requirement, registering the boat in the state of Minnesota is a requirement. It doesn’t matter whether you live in Minneapolis, Rochester, Bloomington, or Plymouth, MN. There is no shortcut to this, as sailing without proper registration could land you into trouble and harsh penalties from the authorities.

What if I have a home insurance policy?

Some home insurance policies offer limited coverage for personal watercraft or boats in case of theft or damage. However, this coverage only applies to small boats (those without engines). In most cases, this coverage only reimburses you for damage that occurs while the boat is in your property. The type of loss covered is also limited, and you are not insured when in water.

What about injuries to another party?

If you damage other people’s property or injure another person, home insurance can help pay a limited amount, which may not be enough to cover for medical bills and legal expenses in case you are sued. Remember, your boat has to be small, non-motorized, such as kayaks and canoes, to be covered. That’s why you need to find a more robust watercraft coverage. Anchor Insurance Agency LLP can help you shop for the right boat insurance.

How much boat insurance do I need?

Boat insurance is similar to home insurance and auto insurance. You will be covered when another person is injured in your boat, and just like auto insurance, you can buy both collision and comprehensive coverages along with the property damage and bodily injury. In addition, some boat policies offer coverage for fuel-spill clean-up, salvage costs, and damage from water sports.

If you are still not sure of how to insure your boat, Anchor Insurance Agency LLP can help take you through the process. Feel free to visit us at Plymouth, MN today!



Reasons to Consider an Umbrella Insurance Policy

Here at the Anchor Insurance Agency LLP serving the Plymouth, MN area, we take a lot of pride in knowing we go out of our way to help our clients. One of the best ways to do this is by helping them understand different types of insurance policies that are available, like umbrella insurance. There’s a pretty good chance that you’ve made it far along in life to understand that nobody’s perfect. Mistakes and accidents happen on a daily basis, and no one is exempt from them. Did you know if are found at fault for an injury to another person that you can be held financially liable? This is an example of a circumstance in which umbrella insurance would be of the utmost value. Here’s a look at two reasons to consider an umbrella insurance policy.

You Might Need Umbrella Insurance

You don’t have to have umbrella insurance, but if any of the following applies to you, then carefully considering getting a policy will be to your advantage:

  • You own property
  • You have a large amount of money in savings or assets
  • Your assets could cause harm to another, such as a swimming pool
  • You engage in activities in which you could get sued: landlord, volunteer work, coaching sports teams, posting reviews about products or a business

You Travel A Lot

Another reason to consider getting an umbrella insurance policy is that its coverage applies all over the world. This is especially of benefit if you travel a lot. Want to learn more reasons to get an umbrella insurance policy? Contact Anchor Insurance Agency LLP serving the Plymouth, MN area today.

Three things to remember when you take out a condo insurance policy

Condominium owners can purchase condo insurance to protect the investment they make in their property. At Anchor Insurance Agency LLP, we offer condo insurance to consumers residing in the Plymouth, MN area. 

The following are three things you should remember if you are in the process of taking out a condo insurance policy:

Condo insurance provides added protection in addition to any condo association insurance you have.

Condo communities generally have common insurance provided to the entire condominium structure that all of the owners in the building contribute towards. This is what is known as "condo association" insurance or the "master policy" of your community. 

However, this type of insurance won’t cover residents for damage to the interior of their unit or the possessions they keep in their unit. Individual condo insurance is designed to protect these assets. 

There are three common condo association insurance types out there to be familiar with: "all in and all-inclusive", "special entity", and "bare walls in and wall studs in" policies.

Your condo insurance should cover you for anything that your condo association insurance doesn’t you for. You need to know what type of condo association coverage you have so that you can choose individual condo insurance to complement this coverage.

Before you purchase condo insurance, discuss your insurance needs with a representative from your condo association and understand exactly what is already covered through your payments to the association. 

You need more of your own coverage for "bare walls in and wall studs in" policies.

Of all the types of condo association policies, "bare walls in and wall studs in" policies typically offer the least amount of coverage. You’ll therefore probably need to invest more in your individual polices if your condo association offers a "bare walls in and walls studs in" association policy. 

If you’d like to learn more about condo insurance and find out what policies are available in the Plymouth, MN area, we’d like to know. Contact us at Anchor Insurance Agency LLP and we’ll provide you with all the information you need to choose the right condo insurance policy. 

How Does Umbrella Insurance Work?

Umbrella insurance in Plymouth, MN is additional personal liability insurance. It’s helpful if you find you are liable for a claim bigger than what your auto or homeowners insurance will cover. Umbrella insurance can also cover liability claims that the typical policies do not cover, including false imprisonment, slander, and libel. If you have rental property, your umbrella insurance can also provide protection beyond your home insurance policy.

The best way to explain how umbrella insurance works is with an example of a lawsuit in Plymouth, MN. For example, if you throw a party, one of the guests could fall on your steps outside. The guest ends up with many injuries, including a concussion and some high medical bills, so she decides to sue you. In court, the judge awards her $1 million. Your home insurance policy only has a personal liability limit of $300,000, which means you are now on the hook for $700,000. Without an umbrella policy, you have to pay for this $700,000 out of pocket and it may have to come out of your retirement account. This could be devastating and mean that you have to work an additional 10 years to replenish your account. However, if you have an umbrella policy then it covers that portion of the judgment that your home insurance doesn’t cover and your savings remain intact.

In order to have an umbrella policy, you need to have certain limits on your home and auto insurance in place. Working with an agent at Anchor Insurance Agency LLP can help you determine your risk of being sued. Certain lifestyle choices, such as having a long commute or having a pool or trampoline, can increase your chances of being sued. An agent can also help you determine how much coverage is best for you.

Contact Anchor Insurance Agency LLP to get a quote on umbrella insurance.